Ignite Health: Living well is where you find it

Published: Monday, October 15th, 2012

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Coming to London October 25th is the Ignite Health at Covent Market, an interesting take on encouraging good lifestyle choices as well as informing the public on the various ways to make them. The event seeks to present several interesting health-related events for guests, such as Food Seminar detailing the Jamie Oliver Food Revolution Ambassador Program, a charity founded by British celebrity chef Jamie Oliver to “inspire people to reconn

ect with food…about raising awareness and individual responsibility.”. Other events include seminars on exercise and mental health (presented by puppets, no less!), as well as some positive stories from cancer survivors and doctors.


What does this event hope to achieve, however? “My goal with this event is to raise awareness of how important it is to manage your own health and not blindly trust corporations, doctors, drug companies or even the government to look out for your health”, says event organizer Michelle Clemont, citing the federal government’s lack of studies conducted on the effects of ADHD medication on children’s health as an example of pharmaceutical corporations’ lobbying power. “I conceived the event at Ignite London and after seeing Ignite Culture created. I realized I could make a bigger difference by bringing a health related focus to an Ignite event.”.

The event only has 200 available spots, so hurry and sign up for free online at:


You can read Michelle Clemont’s blog here:

http://ignitehealthblog.wordpress.com /


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